Our sole priority is giving hunters every advantage possible season after season…and we have covered all the bases! From utilizing the most durable parts to our maintenance-free custom design, Tank Blind towers above the competition offering standard and custom features unmatched by any other blind on the market. See why Tank Blinds is revolutionizing the hunting blind industry!

The Tank Blind Difference


  • Highest grade hybrid-polyethylene providing the best UV resistance in the industry.
  • 3/8”-1/2″ thick walls in a one-piece seamless design (2-3x the thickness of a standard water storage tank).
  • Impact resistant…hail stones are no match!
  • 2-toned with your choice of exterior color (tan or green) and entire black interior providing additional concealment with zero sunlight penetration.
  • Built to outlast the hunter!


  • Stay comfortable during long sits in a true 45 sq. ft. one-size fits all design!
  • 7’ 7” wide and 6’ 8” tall- Bigger than 99% of all blinds on the market.
  • One size fits all – Go Big or Go Home!
  • Plenty of room for hunting gear, cots, ice chests, and multiple hunters.
  • Best $/Sq. Foot for quality and durability with added custom features.


  • We use only the BEST deer blind windows on the market!
  • Aluminum framed with tinted glass for extra concealment.
  • Prevent spooking game with our silent one-handed window operation.
  • Contain scent with windows closed and easily open at a moment’s notice for a quick shot.
  • Hinge silently to the left or right with NO windows falling unexpectedly or clicking to open!
  • Seal tight to keep the elements and critters out and sound and scent in year after year!
  • Custom mounting available to accommodate hunter’s height and blind elevation.
  • Extra wide self-closing RV door with handle and deadbolt lock.
  • Industrial grade 40-year sealant applied to ALL window seams and door edges.
  • Heavy duty diamond plate steel rain guards divert water to the left or right of each window.


  • 360-degree view with no lost floor space and no blind spots!
  • Circular design minimizes stand vibration in high winds allowing for more accurate shots.
  • Up to 6x less wind resistance than a box blind of comparable size in 60+ mph winds.


  • Lightweight for its size yet extremely durable (350-450 lbs.)
  • 2 adult moving capability.
  • Comfortably shoot a bow from a standing or sitting position!
  • 6 reinforced roof tie-down slots for securing during highway travel.
  • Scent TIGHT!!…Increase your odds; especially for bow hunters no matter wind direction!
  • Premium comfort with a thick insulating carpeted floor, ENTIRE wall surface, and removable mud entry mat
  • Commercial grade spray foam insulation option provides maximum sound dampening and ultimate thermal control.
  • Custom select window placement based on stand location and setup
  • Wheelchair Accessible

Product Specifications

Blind Specifications:

  • Brand New Seamless Custom Molded Tank Design
  • Blind Dimensions: 7’ 7” Wide x 6’ 8” Tall (91” x 80”)
  • Capacity: 3-4 Grown Adults (w/Plenty of Leg Room)
  • Interior Space: 45 Square Feet
  • Insulated Door: 30” Wide x 60” Tall
  • Rifle/Crossbow Window: 16” x 14”
  • Standard Bow Window: 14” x 18”
  • Medium Bow Window: 14” x 24”
  • Tall Bow Window: 14” x 36”
  • Door Window: 10” x 10”
  • Weight: 350-450 lbs. (Blind Only – Varies w/ Options)
  • Structure: One Piece 3/8” – 1/2” Thick Continuous Seamless Unit
  • Material: Impact & UV Resistant Hybrid Polyethylene
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Optional Spray Foam Insulation

Tower & Platform Specifications:

  • Platform w/Porch: 6’x10’
  • Porch w/Handrail Enclosure: 3’x6’
  • Base Platform w/Pipe Skids: 6’x7’
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Square Tubing (frame/legs/handrail/porch enclosure)
  • Extra-Wide 24” Double Handrail Staircase
  • Dual Towing Attachments on All Platforms w/Skids
  • Trailer Mounted Blind: 6’x10’ w/4 Leveling Jack Stands, Front Hitch Jack, Bulldog Hitch, Diamond Plate Fenders, and Welded Square Tubing Cross Supports

***Trailer rails must be at least 78” wide to accommodate a loaded tower platform***