At Tank Blinds, our mission is simple…build the toughest, most comfortable, and longest lasting hunting blind on the market. With our dedication to quality craftsmanship, hunters can depend on a Tank Blind to deliver premium comfort and optimize their success season after season. A Tank Blind is more than just a hunting blind; it is an investment in every hunting experience for you and your family for decades to come!

Aaron Gilbreath – President / Founder


In 2015, Tank Blinds was created after realizing what the hunting blind industry lacked; quality, durability, a large interior space, and full customization. My name is Aaron and I founded Tank Blinds after hunting for many years in disappointment and frustration with tripods, pop-ups, and mass-produced box blinds. As an avid hunter, I realized the only way to get exactly what I wanted was to create it myself!

The Tank Blind design was professionally developed and engineered to give hunters every advantage possible no matter the climate, temperature, wind direction, or declining weather condition. In doing this, it not only allowed me to take my own kids hunting at an early age, but gave me the best scent control with the added comfort and customized options that other blinds lacked.

Tank Blinds guarantees you a quality hunting experience every sit in the stand while providing an extra-large 45 sq. foot space and complete concealment to share your hunting experiences with your children, friends, clients, and family. Our goal is for your kids to get outdoors and enjoy hunting at a younger age, put more trophies on your wall, fill your freezer, and for Tank Blinds to be ‘The Last Blind You’ll Ever Buy!’